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12 December 2007 @ 09:50 am
Artist: Pyrate_sock
Title: Drarry
Characters: Draco/Harry
Rating: G
Media used: Pencil and Paint.Net
Challenge: No
Concrit?: sure
Warnings: None.
Notes/comments: Just a small doodle that I decided to scan and colour. Srsly, the colouring took me longer than the actual doodle. Doodle = thirty two seconds. Colour = ...more than thirty two seconds... <.< xD Need to get the hang of it.

Chibi DrarryCollapse )
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08 December 2007 @ 09:55 pm
Yo' momma.

Watching Potter Puppet Pals. Again. <.< Expecto Patronads is so a wizard's swear. <.<

Made an Insane Journal account, so I'll be posting there now. This shall be my last post, I guess. I'll still use this account for a while, though, until I can find communities like the ones on LJ. Gotta just figure out how IJ works and all. It's so confusing, the first time. I remember this summer when I first used LJ. Ah, how confused I was...

xDD Anywho, yep, that's all I have to say.
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LJ is blocking me. This isn't funny. Why can't I see my fanart?! *whines* Alright, so what if I'm not over eighteen? It's just fanart. Blargy to you. <.< Ah well. Maybe this'll help control my hormones, anyway. It's probably good for me...

D'you know what I realised? When I read smut, my head tilts to the side. No joke! I read the words and my head goes slanted. I realised it last night, because I was like: "Ow. My neck is stiff." And I noticed that, y'know, my head wasn't upright. Yeah. I should notice these things sooner... *isn't the most observant person ever*

And Dane Cook is one funny guy. My mom really likes him. I made her listen to his jokes last summer, and then a while ago we watched Goodluck Chuck, and she was like: "That guy sure is funny!" And I explained to her that it was the same guy I made her listen to, and she was shocked. Then, of course, we watched Employee of the Month, and then we watched his stand-up comedy thinger, Vicious Circle. Laughed SO hard. xDDD He's too great. Too great. Really. And the girls with the brain ninjas... guh. And the thing is, I was like: OMG! I've seen people do that! 

Pretty intense.

Working on chapter 22. <.<

Oh, and the whole 'I'm gonna write a drawing for each line of 'All I Want For Christmas' by Draco and Malfoys'...? Not gonna happen. Nope. I... no. I got two. That's good enough. Screw you. 


Snow storm warning! SWEET! Maybe we'll get Monday off. That'd be pretty cool. Except... no. Nevermind. I want my report card. u_______u Hope I did good! *crosses fingers* 
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18 November 2007 @ 04:05 pm
I have had an epiphany of enormous proportions this afternoon.

There are reasons I like both Harry Potter and Meet the Robinsons. It's all connected. CONNECTED, I SAY! I was watching, and I noticed the design on Wilbur's shirt, and I gasped so loud I freaked my sister out. 

Yes, I shall explain all similarities.

Numero one: The lightning bolt. Harry has a lightning bolt on his forehead, and Wilbur has one on his shirt. Upside down, but it's a lightning bolt nonetheless. Coincidence? Probably, but I'm still going to say the dramatic thing: I THINK NOT! Right, so, there's one. The lightning bolt. 

Number duo: Lewis has round, dorky glasses. Harry has round, dorky glasses. Are you getting this? Do you understand? Wilbur has the lightning bolt and Lewis has the same glasses. I swear to God, my subconscious brings these things together! It's why I like MtR so much, I'm sure of it. *pets subconscious happily*

Nombre tres: Lewis is an orphan. Harry is an orphan. Swear to Merlin, I'm not making this stuff up!

Four: The villain. Mmkay, so, Bowler Hat Guy and Voldemort are both tall and creepy looking, and although Bowler Hat Guy is a moron (and in the end, we sympathise with him, unlike You Know Who), they still have the same goal in life. And I quote: "Oh, nothing of consequence, I simply wish to CRUSH THE DREAMS OF A POOR LITTLE ORPHAN BOY!" Sound like a certain Dark Lord we all know? Yeah. Thought so.
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I just watched a HP reference on TV. And it wasn't the average "Oh look! I'm a wizard! I'm just like Harry Potter! *waves wand around*" It was a reference that you wouldn't get unless you watched the movie or read the books. (Because I'm sure people who've never seen/read Harry Potter still know who he is.)

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy made the reference. T'was great. xD There was a Valentine's dance, and Billy and Erwin (you know, that guy who likes Mandy?) didn't have dates, and they were standing beside two girls. And one of the girls said, "Aren't you going to dance with us?" And Billy was like: "I'LL DANCE WITH YOU PARVATI!" He actually said her name!! XDDDD I was grinning like a loon. And then Padma was like: "Billy! You're my date!"

Ahh... Cartoons rock... they rock even harder when they make references like that... 

Just had to post it up.
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09 November 2007 @ 07:25 pm

Mmkay. I finally remembered. Last night I had the most awesome dream ever, and I wanted to write about it. Kept reminding myself of it all day, but then I forgot about it at some point after lunch, or during it, while I was relaxing and resting my mind from the four assemblies I'd already sat through and participated in, and I only remembered now because I saw the commercial.

Dreamt of Wilbur x Lewis. Sort've. Ish?

Right, well, something happened, kinda fuzzy, but then Lewis and Wilbur kissed. In my dream. I dreamt in slash!! YAY!! I've dreamt in Harry Potter, but rarely do I dream in slash. (Alas, even in my dreams Draco hates Harry. Why? Why, dear God, why??) Anyway, it didn't last long, because Lewis turned into me, and I was goin' out with Wilbur, who changed into some weird guy, and really, it made sense in my dream but nothing was really coherent to my conscious mind... The point is: Lewis kissed Wilbur, and I was reminded that I ship them. xDD (Actually, if you want to know the details, they were taking a nap on the grass on the corner of a street - weird, I know - and then Lewis began kissing his shoulder, and then Wilbur was like "Ugh... tired..." and then he leant forward and kiss his lips. *squee* And I'm sure Wilbur had a shirt on, so why his shoulder was exposed I have no idea. Merlin I love incoherent dreams. Fun, fun.)  Ahem, yes, anyway, the point is...

I kinda forgot about MtR. How could I? Wilbur is too awesome to forget!! *cries* 

So, I've decided to work on the oneshot I started a million years ago this August, and maybe work on another.

Where they experience their first kiss with each other, except it's terrible because Wilbur's overconfident and takes charge when he has no idea what he's doing, and Lewis stabs him with his hair. xDDDD YAY!! xDDDDD

Wilbur's cowlick kicks ass. xDDD Lewis' hair looks pointy. xDDDD

Mmkay, done fangirling. On to Microsoft WORD!

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06 November 2007 @ 06:02 pm

A few things to ramble on about.

One is that I'm in the mood for nothing. Not a thing. I've opened my math book and haven't started, downloaded music I haven't listened to, stared at books I don't want to read... Guh. It's terrible. I'm gonna blame the weather so that I don't have to blame myself.

Another thing is that I found the best icon EVAR!!!!!! See all those exclamation marks? I'm pretty darned serious! Fo' shizzle, dizzle! Mmkay, look. Are you ready? Are you really? Brace yourselves...

 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 

Do you see that? Do you know who that is? Do you see the quote? PEOPLE! BE AWED! 

House... mixed with HP... The world is so beautiful. It's such a wonderful place. Gawd, I'm getting all choked up just thinking about it... *sniffle*

I had a third thing to say but all the House/HP excitement drew my thoughts away. Ah well. Guess that's all.

And you better be awed by that icon. <.<

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03 November 2007 @ 02:45 pm

Mmkay, I can't find my green copybook, so I'll write it here so I don't forget. (I think I should make a master list of my plotbunnies here on LJ; I actually look here. xD

Know what I need? Friends who pester me into writing. I have these ideas, but I always ignore them. I make my own brain!fandom sad. u___u 

At least these things are fun to think about. xDD

[Remus x Sirius] Sirius tries out a new spell on the full moon which turns Remus human again. He'll have the wolf mind in his human form. Yay! xD I know my own ideas, thank Merlin. I just need to write that he does a spell so I remember all the things my mind already came up with for this One Shot. (Can't write it all, then I'd have nothing left to think about!)

And [Remus x Sirius] Set before Voldemort killed Lily and James, but after Hogwarts. They live together, in an apartment or something, (not going out yet) and Sirius tells Remus that he's too tense and needs to get laid. Sirius goes to the muggle park with Remus trying to 'pick up chicks', and turns into a dog to be his 'chick magnet'. xDD Yay! Fun, fun. Three Chappies. 

AND, because I can't remember if I already wrote it down already:

[Harry, Teddy, Ginny/Harry?] Dunno if I want to make Harry and Ginny get together. That's so... Canon. Ew. *makes a face* xDD I just can't see how I'd get Draco in there, or get him to care. xDDD Ah well. I'll have to do without slash for once. xDD I'm not gonna write what this fic'll be about because I know I won't forget if I see the names of who's involved. 

So yay for me for writing things down. Now to work on my English SS.

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31 October 2007 @ 04:07 pm
Today doesn't feel like Halloween. At all. I guess it's 'cause usually, in the past years, I've been literally counting down the days. This year, I sorta woke up and was like : "Oh? Halloween? Really? Best get the costume out, then." Seriously. Blargy.

Ah well. 

First hands on driving course today. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Watch out, Canada! I'm on the road now!


On a different note, I was watching a little cartoon about House and WIlson. xDD There was an episode last season where they kept messing with each other's coffee. And so the cartoon was about how House wanted to do drug induced, no consequences, kinda actions. And Wilson was like: "You realise they're never gonna let us do anything R rated on the show, right?" And House replied: "Honestly, I'd be happy with anything vaguely PG."

So then it cuts to them looking away, then back at each other, and then they hold hands. (Drug Induced Hand Holding ACTION!) And then House is like: 

"... I lied. This totally isn't doing it for me."


Ah, House x Wilson. The OTP of House. Srsly. House even confessed his LOVE a few episodes ago. That's right. And you know what? SCREW PLATONIC RELATIONSHIPS! That's right. I said it. There is no such thing as sarcastic love between them. House wasn't lying. There love runs deep, man. Deep. 

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30 October 2007 @ 06:33 pm
A note about my title: if you haven't seen Robert Williams' skit about golf... Go see it now, foo'! Warning: lots of language. Funny as hell, though. Look it up on Youtube: Robin Williams golf.

Right then. The point of this post? I have compiled a list of my top three favourite movies. 
Not one of them is a cartoon. *collective gasp* What? What? That's right. xD None are comedies, either. Comedies are great, but I tend to forget about them. They aren't really poignant. (Except for Evan Almighty. I really liked that movie.) 

So, onto the list! 

And finally...

That's all.

Random fact: The Invisible was directed by the same person who did the Sixth Sense. 

Other Random Fact: I never saw a preview for The Invisible, nor am I sure it played in the cinema. 

Third random fact: ... the main charrie for The Invisible was hot. I don't know why he hasn't been in more movies. Maybe he has, and I just don't watch Drama/suspense movies all that much. Ah well.

Fourth Random fact: I don't like mayonaise. <.<

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